Western Water Tanks


Providing Western Australia with the finest quality steel rain water tanks that deliver fantastic value for money.

Whether for personal, rural, or firefighting needs,  our high quality Australian-made products will produce the long-term water security you’re looking for.


Our objective has always been for our rural water tanks to exceed all others within the harsh WA environment.  We achieve this by generating the strongest and finest water storage tanks offered on the market.

Passionate about providing fantastic value and delivering the right tank for your needs, our local Perth dealers will assist and be present during the entire process to ensure every element of your water tank investment, setup and ongoing usage experience is a positive one.

Our Tanks


Western Water tanks are equipped with all kinds of residential and large property requirements. Our tanks are all built to endure the harshest of Western Australian weather conditions, using high grade BlueScope Zincalume @ and Colorbond ® steel.
Our full range of tanks are manufactured right here in Australia, so you can be assured your tank is built with the highest quality possible for years to come.
Our water tanks are also offered in a wide range of  Colorbond ® colours, ensuring your new rain water tank to look fantastic and stand the test of time.

Measurable results are the name of the game

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You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

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